"Having been treated for infertility at the practise we have finally achieved our dream of having a family. The treatment we received was not only professional, but also very personable. I was always able to ask questions and received additional advise on things I could do to support each stage of the IVF process. I really feel receiving acupuncture helped me both mentally and physically and would absolutely recommend it to anyone starting out on the infertility journey."

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Acupuncture for Fertility and IVF


Our Philosophy


Trying for a baby is a bumpy journey. When you first start trying for a baby, it's very exciting. Then the months go by, one period after another. It seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant and having babies, yet it's not happening for you. Deep down you know something is wrong.

You start "googling" and find vast amounts of information. But it's often contradictory. One source says have pineapple juice/ milk/ brazil nuts when struggling with infertility. Another says don't. Some websites recommend to avoid coffee/ alcohol/ meat when undergoing infertility treatment or IVF. Others say eat and drink normally. You visit your doctor who tells you to keep trying. But even that's confusing. Some infertility experts advise to have intercourse every 2-3 days, others- around ovulation time. And can you be sure if or when you ovulate? You are exhausted, confused and perplexed. Who to trust? Whose advice do you listen to?

This is where we may be able to help you. Our acupuncturist will take your detailed medical history relating to infertility and enquire into every aspect of your health. We then do acupuncture treatment plan. Many patients need more than fertility acupuncture. So we are passionate about educating you about how your body works and how to increase your chances of conception through diet, exercise and lifestyle.

For some, with acupuncture, the infertility journey ends soon and they get pregnant without needing further medical interventions. Others may need in addition to acupuncture infertility treatments, such as IVF, ICSI or IUI. We have supported patients through all these stages, be it natural conception, infertility treatment or IVF. So we understand what your needs are. Our acupuncture care is tailored to your specific situation and we aim to make the rest of your fertility journey as stress free and happy as possible.



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What you need...

How our acupuncturists meet your needs

You need facts, not myths...

We like facts too. Many patients come in and they are doing everything they can to get pregnant. But unfortunately, often they are doing the very things that will hinder their ability to conceive. We have done extensive research into the science of conception and will help you to sift through fertility facts and fiction.

You need up-to-date information...

We try our hardest to stay up-to-date. Reproductive field is one of the most rapidly changing fields of medicine. New developments are reported every day. We are committed to staying up to date with all aspects of fertility including by attending conferences and keeping up to date with the latest research on acupuncture and reproduction, such as the very latest tests, investigations, reproductive techniques, diet and nutrition.

You want us to try as hard as you do...

We leave no stone unturned. We scrutinise every aspect of your infertility history (tests, scans, previous treatment attempts, lifestyle) when constructing your personalised acupuncture treatment plan. We will then make personalised recommendations which we think would increase your chances of having a baby.

You need us to be passionate about fertility...

Fertility is our passion. We like helping people achieve their dreams. We are also passionate about advancing acupuncture for fertility and IVF. Irina Szmelskyj, our principle fertility acupuncturist, lectures on the subject of acupuncture for fertility and IVF to undergraduate acupuncture students. We also participate in public educational events on the subject of infertility, acupuncture and conception.

You want expert advice when you need it, not having to wait for it...

You can contact us whenever you need to via email/text/phone call. When you go through fertility treatment, there are times when you need to have access to expert advice at short notice. One minute everything seems to be going smoothly. Then you might start bleeding when not expecting it or you find out your hormone levels are too high. You need to speak to someone there and then. Irina Szmelskyj, our principle fertility acupuncturist is available for you to contact whenever you need to.

You need us to be flexible with appointment times...

We will see you on any day of the week (including weekend) for emergency treatments. Infertility and IVF treatment is often unpredictable. Despite the best planning, it is possible you may require treatments at weekends, for example for IVF embryo transfer. We know this and will try our hardest to see you whenever necessary.

You want us to be honest with you...

We believe fertility patients deserve honest and realistic prognosis delivered in a sensitive manner.

You want all people involved in your care to work together to help you...

Infertility is multifactorial. One treatment modality may not be enough to achieve pregnancy. We believe in integrated care. If necessary, we will liaise with your medical team or if necessary will refer you to another practitioner.

You want us to be safe...

We pride ourselves on our medical knowledge. We are trained to the highest standards and are aware of red flags. If we suspect a medical emergency, be assured we will refer you to the relevant medical team immediately.

To find out how our fertility acupuncturists can help you, please book an appointment by telephoning 01480-435554. or book online.


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